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Desert Maiden by Kim Canazzi

Aaron Wexler just launched his book, “INSPIRED ATHLETE, Stay Inspired In & Out Of Your Game.” He believes that there’s an “inspired athlete” in all of us.

What inspires the “inspired athlete” to show up in and out of your game?

Is there an “inspired athlete” in all? If so, who is she and what game is she showing up for in me? Nothing came to me, but I later remembered the Desert Maiden.

Her wandering Spirit doesn’t attach to distorted realities so she is free to show up wholeheartedly, again and again. The game she is inspired to show up for—day in and day out— is to meet clear mirrors and experience Soul’s Devotional Heart.

It can be scary on the way to meeting clear mirrors. It seems that one has to face nature’s creative and destructive nature—one’s own destructive nature—before one can see reality clearly and experience Soul’s Devotional Heart. It’s why many “selves” in me have lost interest in the game and no longer want to show up in daily life.

It seems the Desert Maiden cannot be deterred. Her eyes stay focused on what inspires her. She knows what my body-mind went through and gives me the feeling that she went through it with me. Still, she says, “Come on! Engage wholeheartedly! Do things wholeheartedly! There are clear mirrors on this earth. Let’s find them!”

Her innocence inspires hearts, inspired mine to write Once Again!

No matter how many parts lost interest in life and are no longer engaging wholeheartedly, all she remembers are the clear mirrors her wandering Spirit beckons her to find. Walls kept her from finding them.

It was when I faced the Berlin wall that I lost something precious.

Once Again!

Reality seemed initially whole

But then divided and dangerous again.

Facing my people’s shadow around and in me,

When I stood in front of the Berlin wall,

felt daunting.

Daunting, because I could no longer feel Soul’s Devotional Heart.

No longer believed Soul’s Heart was with us?

Felt horrified, afraid and powerless instead,

For decades before it dawned on me…

To stay in touch with Soul’s Real Nature And

Feel Her Love

I needed to arrive in present time again.

Be open in both directions no matter what.

Go through hells, if I have to,

Be more curious than horrified, if possible.

I needed to let the innocent Spirit of the Desert Maiden guide me.

If I follow her wholeheartedly, I heard,

She will lead me in front of a clear mirror.


I needed to trust receiving again,

So I could know what’s really there;

Trust giving again,

So I could know what it’s like to have.

My worst selves listen to tapes in my head.

Their eyes are not on being in present time.

I can’t say Yes to how they think and act.

But when,

Instead of rejecting them,

I want them to feel felt,

I arrive.

Once Again!


Follow this Desert Maiden’s Spirit and visit Soul’s Wings and bea’s TreenityBleibe or visit— “It’s Just You.”

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