bea Ma’s PoeTrees

PoeTrees are revealing nature as artist and storyteller. Trees Know Soul, Baum Kennt Seele, is a Soulful Relating in Psychotherapy and Community photo project trying to capture Soul in local paperbark and ficus trees. You are invited to let bea’s tree photos and the stories they inspire awaken you to notice Soul’s mystery in trees.

Click on an image you like and let bea’s PoeTrees Gallery awaken your wild nature !

Two PoeTree photo stories, Lovers In A Tree and Tree Sees With One Eye, are available to purchase on Amazon.

Nature’s Poem…

Lovers In A Tree is dedicated to all tree lovers and soul seekers. The eight tree bark photos, TreeSprit Sees, Emerging, On Her Cross, Lovers In A Tree, TreeAngel, Flesh, Spirit and Desire, are meant to inspire awareness of Soul life in nature. You can purchase Lovers In A Tree for $6.75 on Amazon. Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to Pachamama Alliance, a global community that offers people the chance to learn about and co-create a soulful and sustainable future for all. May Lovers In A Tree spark your curiosity to begin a relationship with the TreePoet in your neighborhood.

Tree Sees With One Eye what people can’t see with two.

Tree Sees With One Eye is an invitation to cultivate spiritual eyesight. The six tree bark photos, Tree, Desire, This Tree, Ganesha, Mother Tree and Tree Owl, and bea’s poems are prayers to remove obstacles to seeing with One Eye. You can purchase Tree Sees With One Eye for $6.75 on Amazon. Ten precent of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations that inspire and support people to plant and care for trees.

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