TreeSpirit Seen

A Sunrise Prayer To Start Your Day:

All we need is the morning. As long as there is sunrise, then there is the possibility that we can face all of our misfortunes, celebrate all our blessings, and live all our endeavors as human beings. Spirituality is something that has become necessary in these troubled times. Yet it is inherently superfluous. We need it to remind ourselves, to bolster ourselves, to integrate ourselves, to fulfill ourselves. If we could simply acknowledge the mystery of night and the glory of morning, we would need neither civilization nor spirituality. At its simplest, life begins with dawn. That is blessing enough. All else becomes fullness immeasurable. At dawn, kneel down and give thanks for this wonderful event… realize most places in the cosmos do not have mornings… Greet the dawn. That is your miracle to witness. …”

Den Ming-Dao

Greeting the dawn is a miracle I love to witness.

Another miracle for me has been discovering the TreePoet in ficus and paperbark trees in West Los Angeles and Santa Monica, land of the Chumash and Tongva peoples.

Please meet and greet TreeSpirit Sees and TreeSpirit Seen.

Who Sees?

Who Feels Seen?

The Eye that sees TreeSpirit

Is the same Eye that sees into hearts.

Feeling seen by this Eye,

Like listening to “Only The Winds,”

Opens my eyes

And makes my heart sing.

—bea Ma

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