Support “Wired In”

photo by dwc

On days when you feel unsupported by your environment because that’s what you learned to feel growing up, let Brugmansia Angel’s Trumpet plants remind you that you can feel supported from the inside-out. Support is ‘wired in!’ Nature’s intelligence is with us.

The other day, this Angel’s Trumpet tree I hadn’t noticed before caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks. A tree supporting its own crooked trunk! Wow! While some of us have been busy dreaming about “feeling unsupported,” this tree heard nature’s call and steadily tended to what matters to nature. Nature nurtures and supports all. Can we allow it to support the crooked trunk in us? A chant came to me, when I listened; maybe you can listen as well, see what comes to you.

Brugmansia, Brugmansia

Angel’s Trumpet, Angel’s Trumpet 

What you show me I am, too. 

What you show me I am, too.

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