Who Cut You Like This?

On a recent morning walk, I noticed this tree bark. To me it looked like someone cut it and, to help it heal, someone stitched it. I wondered what it must be like for the tree to be seen like this and a chant came to me:

“Who cut you, who stitched you, who sees you like this?

And who are you? Cut and stitched and seen like this?

What is it like to feel seen?”


Of course, I understand that what I see in the tree is what I project. My own imagination! But I also understand that what’s Real between the tree and myself is the creative Spirit. Present with me in every moment. I imagine Spirit notices my noticing and co-creates with me, making it possible to dream and actualize whatever I want. My dream is about nature and trees getting noticed. I started singing to trees and have been hugging them more intently lately. The more I hug them the more I can feel nature’s soul in them hug me back.

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