TreeSpirit Sees

Seeing what trees see happens when we grow roots with EachOther.

TreeSpirit Sees

Imagine Eyes That See YOU

Two eyes are here with you.


Not your two eyes,

I mean two eyes that see YOU.

One looks right at you,

The other one sees into you.

Let your many selves feel seen.


You are invited to take a moment…imagine feeling seen by the two eyes, can you see them in this Santa Monica ficus tree bark?

The chant that came to me, when I asked what it feels like to feel seen by the Spirit of a ficus tree bark. It was preparing me to let my selves feel seen by you maybe one day by all. Who knows.

“I see you see the whole of me, I see you see us all, I let my selves feel seen by you, by all.”

What kind of eyes could I allow to see the whole of me?

What kind of eyes would you allow to see the whole of you?

Can you even imagine letting eyes see the whole of you? 

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